Bitcoins – How investors became millionaires “just like that”?!

Every day reports of new record levels at Bitcoin. Will Bitcoin continue to rise? What do experts say? Which Bitcoin providers are the best? The most important information about Bitcoin are right here!

With 256 euros in a few years to 1.4 million euros!

Bitcoin seems unstoppable. The new currency has multiplied thousands of times within a short time. Today, Bitcoin is already worth € 6,000. Those who bought Bitcoins worth 256 euros at the beginning of 2013 can now look forward to a profit of more than 2 million euros!

Is the Bitcoin price continuing to rise?

Many Bitcoin experts agree: Bitcoin will continue to rise in the future. Harvard researcher Dennis Porto expects Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000 over the next few years. Currently the Bitcoin stands at about 6,000 € (current rate). If the forecast comes in, this corresponds to an expected return of approximately 1,500%. Remarkable: Bitcoin has recovered very quickly from falling prices in the past.


Within a short time the new currency reached new record levels. Bitcoins have now reached a market capitalization (total value) of approximately 90 billion US dollars due to the price gains. Despite the positive news, investors should consider that rising prices in the past are no guarantee of future profits.

Buy Bitcoins – How?

In recent years, many Bitcoin dealers came on the market. Bitcoin trading is easier today than before. As a particularly large and reputable provider, Plus500 has become established. There Bitcoins can be traded simply and transparently. In the meantime, the provider founded in 2008 has more than 5 million customers!

How do I find the best provider?

The perfect Bitcoin provider is serious and transparent. Fast and uncomplicated deposits and withdrawals as well as a German-speaking service are an advantage. In the overview below we have put together the best Bitcoin dealers and CFD brokers.

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We trust in Bitcoin


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