New update pushes DASH course over 300 euros!

With a new update, 2MB blocks and listing on various Asian exchanges, DASH has risen dramatically in value.

It will not be quieter in the world of cryptocurrencies. After the Bitcoin rally and today’s Bitcoin Cash price explosion, the day closes with another significant price increase: After DASH fired a first rocket on November 6th, the price dropped from about 240 euros (280 US dollars) within two days. Dollar) to 290 euros (340 US dollars), it was again at noon today to a quantum leap, which led to a new all-time high of 362.26 EUR (422.56 USD). Although the price has since corrected a bit down, but it still ranks at over 350 euros (400 US dollars).

Various things make their influence on the course noticeable: First, DASH was listed on Okex. Similar to Ethereum Classic a few days ago, this led to a lot of interest on the part of Asian traders. Secondly, S2X responded deftly by announcing that the current 12.2 version of Dash Core would allow blocks of 2MB size. Currently the transaction volume at DASH is still low enough that it would not need it, but in any case this would have made provision for the future.


With the new update, regular transactions now cost less than a penny. If a DASH user wants to use so-called instant send transactions, d. H. Payments that are confirmed within less than two seconds will be charged only 2 – 3 cents.

Of course, these changes are catching on: users are currently excited about DASH, as this cryptocurrency can score with fast transactions and low transaction fees. In addition, the cryptocurrency with the mention of 2MB blocks has succeeded a PR gag, which also attracts miners to the cryptocurrency.

Since the high transaction fees Bitcoins for many is a nuisance, crypto currencies, which can score with very low transaction fees, accordingly more popular. Whether the current increase is stable can not yet be said at the present time, as the transaction volume is still 3.5% of Bitcoin’s transaction volume. Whether DASH is a definitive solution for the scaling debate has yet to be proven.

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