Bitcoin Volatility: A Comparison with Least Developed Countries.

Dr. Jochen Kasper is a German lawyer and investment banker and has published a scientific paper on Bitcoin volatility.

The volatility of Bitcoin is high – no question! So far, however, the comparison has been drawn in most cases only to already established currencies such as dollars or euros. The comparison of volatility with Least Developed Countries Currencies has shown that the volatility of Bitcoin is still higher than the Least Developed Countries’ volatility, but the gap is much lower than for established currencies, so new opportunities for Bitcoin can arise.


In addition, the volatility of five African countries (Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Rwanda and Sierra Leone) is particularly noticeable. Phasewise, the volatility of Bitcoin could compete with its volatility. However, bitcoin now stands out as an alternative currency in Least Developed Countries. Nevertheless, current developments show that Bitcoin can be a hedge, especially in countries with a high inflation rate, according to Dr. Kasper. An alternative, which also finds more and more followers, for example, in Venezuela, which is very unstable in terms of monetary policy.

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