Austrian charity organization also accepts Bitcoin donations!

The World Youth Charity Organization from Austria, accepts Bitcoin donations to motivate Bitcoin enthusiasts for donations and to ensure a transparent donation process.

The Youth World Charity Organisation from Austria has been in operation worldwide for children and young people more than 20 years. The charity supports mainly street children with educational projects and also provides emergency aid.

Already in 2015, the first Bitcoin fund raising campaign was launched. With the help of numerous Bitcoin enthusiasts, the campaign was a complete success and many unaccompanied minors could be provided with SIM cards.


Bitcoin donations can be made simply and transparently via the site to ensure success. Collected Bitcoins are stored on hardware wallets and are exchanged quickly in Euro to avoid strong exchange rate fluctuations.

An advantage of Bitcoin donations is that the donor can track the inputs and outputs via, so it looks at which wallet the donation ends up. This transparency motivates more and more relief organizations around the world to accept Bitcoins, in order to counteract, among other things, corruption reproaches.

Also, not every donor would like to be recognized by name. Bitcoin can provide the necessary discretion. Not without reason, some candidates in the US election campaign have also received Bitcoin donations. Of course, other motivations play a part in party parties than is the case with an aid organization.

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