Bomb-proof Bitcoin bunker: This is how millionaires protect their crypto coal!

The Wall Street Journal calls the “Fort Knox for Bitcoin”: In a bomb-proof bunker in Switzerland is probably the most impressive offline wallet for crypto currencies.

What a bunker in Switzerland has to do with Bitcoin?

On October 15, 2017, the value of a bitcoin was more than 4,950 euros. Last year, the digital currency experienced an increase in value of more than 700 percent. It is clear that the desire is aroused and investors are looking for a secure accommodation for their digital wealth. Wences Casares, who founded Argentina’s first internet service provider in the 1990s and is now on Paypal’s board, has already recognized this in 2014. At that time he founded the Bitcoin wallet Xapo together with Federico Murrone.


The company, based in Hong Kong, mainly offers a service that is different from other providers: Xapo allows the creation of an offline wallets in a bunker in Switzerland. The bunker was built by the Swiss army in 1947 and served as a secret headquarters during the Cold War. But that is long past and so the underground construction in the Swiss canton of Uri today the supposedly safe data center of the world. The company Deltalis proudly points out on the company website that its facility is one of the few which is even secured against electromagnetic impulses.

Together with other companies that have selected the bunker as a safe storage location for their data, Xapo also uses the impressive construction to give customers of the service a bit more security. The online publication Quartz has now looked at the bunker from inside and recorded their impressions in a 360-degree video.

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  1. Good idea!
    In Switzerland we have engouh bunker from the 2nd world war. So they can use one more for a good Project.
    For about 1 year it was possible to buy a bunker. If you Need one? Let me know! I’m sure I can organise something šŸ™‚

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