Vanuatu: A complete citizenship for 44 Bitcoins!

The South Pacific island group Vanuatu (267,000 inhabitants) now also accepts Bitcoin for the purchase of a citizenship – cost: 200,000 US dollars or just 44 Bitcoins!

The Vanuatu Information Center (VIC) has officially announced that applicants for citizenship can now also pay in Bitcoin. A clever sign. Finally, Vanuatu is one of the island groups that are regarded as taxpayers, since no capital and income taxes are incurred. A very attractive place for all those who are concerned about tax avoidance.


The active advertising with Bitcoin thus fulfills above all a marketing purpose, in order to lure high persons and possibly their own asset management. It is also attractive to citizenship to get visa-free access to 113 countries in the world – including Great Britain, Russia and the EU.

You do not have to live on the spot. It is possible to become a citizen of Vanuatu without having ever set foot on one of the islands. In the meantime, a regular competition has broken out among the many small island groups in the South Pacific to attract investors and companies.


To the reproach that Bitcoin contributes more to conceal financial backgrounds, the Managing Director of VIC answers that the opposite is the case, since all transactions are recorded transparently in a register. So if you have a bit of Bitcoin, 44, you can let the benefits of Vanuatu go through the head again.

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