Are we paying on Ebay soon with digital money?

The head of the trade, giant Ebay holds great pieces on Bitcoins. It is driving the introduction of the virtual currency. Bitcoins could soon become an established way of payment on Ebay, Airbnb and Uber.


San Jose

In the Internet trading company Ebay, payment managers Braintree are expected to hold a speech about an introduction of the virtual currency, as the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday evening.

The digital money could get a strong boost as Braintree handles payments for trend companies such as the Airbnb bedmaker, the Uber service or the OpenTable restaurant reserve. Ebay had bought Braintree in September 2013 and leads it as a division of the payment unit PayPal.

According to the newspaper article, it is considered with Ebay to make first tests with Bitcoins. Currently is being  negotiatiated with some companies from the industry, including the online exchange Coinbase. It is, however, possible that Ebay and Paypal will also accept Bitcoins as payment.


Ebay’s chief executive, John Donahoe, had already made such suggestions in the “Financial Times”.

“Digital currencies will turn into a very powerful thing,” he said to the newspaper in November 2013. His company is about to broaden the range of accepted cash, even then.

A spokeswoman from Paypal in Germany said on Friday: “We think that Bitcoin will play an important role in the future of payment, but they have nothing to announce at the moment.”


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